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spree_essential's Journal

Finger-shopping was never so fun!
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated

1) All posts in the community have to go through moderation.

2) Only spree posts for the following will be approved. (no personal lookingfor/selling posts)

- Website sprees
- Supplier sprees*

GENERAL SPREE rules (organizing)

1) ONE spree per entry.
2) Please include your Spree_essential Feedback Link with updated Feedback Count hyperlinked to your Feedback URL, e.g. Spree_essential FB Link: +15/-1
3) please do not include multiple feedback links. (one other feedback may be added beside spree_essential)
4) Include Title and status of spree [OPEN/CLOSED/CANCELED].
5) Only one image is allowed outside the LJ cut in your spree post, maximum size 300X300.
6) LJ cut all details in your spree post.
7) Maximum of 20 lines outside your LJ cut including pictures, feedback link, etc.
8) Fonts should not be bigger than Medium size.
9)You are not allowed to delete Moderator Comments.
10) No changing of LJ nicks once you have registered to be a spree organizer.
11) maximum 2 supplier sprees per week

1) Discounts must be included in the calculations, and must not used to offset shipping (eg, 10% off on $40 shippigninstead of $150 of orders).
2) Confiscation of cash is not allowed.
4) handling charge = $0.50-$0.80 (only forbulky items) is allowed per participant.
5) No handling charge should be collected for meetups or self-collection.
6) if items are not collected/top up not made after 1 month AND after numerous prompt emails the items may be at spree-organiser's disposal

1) Do not repost when your spree post is still on the first page.
2) maximum 2 repost is allowed per spree.
3) Please include only your Spree_essential Feedback count, Feedback URL and a hyperlink to the original spree post.
4) strongly encouraged to to disable commenting for reposts to avoid confusion.

WEBSITE SPREE (including agent spree)

1) please follow the exchange rate according to the exchange rate page
2) do state the agent fees/TT fees/ etc in spre page

Supplier Spree

1) Each spree must have a minimum of at least 5 different items.
2) Only maximum two supplier spree per week.
3) no diy/ hand made items
4) do not post sales post
5) no looking for posts

1) Please apply to be a Spree Organiser before posting.
2) Spree Organizer Registration - is opened!
3) email applications to vvicolee@hotmail.com


1) Any spree organiser who intentionally disobeys any of above rules will be suspended.
2) Anyone who is rude and in cooperative can face a suspend/ban

MODERATERS : o0afr0dite0o , angelang11088
Email Enquiries : o0afr0dite0o , vvicolee@hotmail.com
Approving Sprees: o0afr0dite0o , angelang11088

1)Please do not email/spam the mods at their personal emails!